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Happy holidays! Hope all is well. Just wanted to send you a picture of my babies. Freddie (sparky) loves to play with balls and toys. He and Lucy are so hilarious together. They crack me up every minute!

Thank you again for all your dedication. I think of you and the volunteers often and thank God there are people out there like you that care so much. I can't imagine my life without Fred. He is my soulmate baby. I love him immensely. I will forever be grateful for your bringing us together.


Alicia Elkins




Brandy the Beautiful!
This first pic is her looking longingly at me while I'm eating my dinner! She is so sweet! She loves her snacks and little treats. She loves her siblings and Abby (our chiweenie) gets Brandy to chase her around the coffee table. She gets her workout daily! When I'm sitting in the recliner watching tv, and Brandy wants my attention, she whimpers and if that doesn't work, she just plops her head on the arm rest! We love her soooo much! She listens really well. She knows how to sit and shake paws when you tell her. She sleeps with Katie every night. During the day she runs amuck with Abby and Isabelle! We are so happy to have her and we really thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to show and give Brandy love and family. We know she is happy, you can see it in her eyes. She is so beautiful. We look forward to staying in touch and sending more pics!

Hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year!

Take care,

Stefanie and Katie



Not sure if you remember me.....we adopted Chance four years ago....drove down with my youngest son and met you in the parking lot in The Woodlands.....he had some issues but has turned into a GREAT dog. Love of our lives.....I never sent you a photo but have one this christmas and thought you might like to see a happy ending!

LuAnn Blough



I adopted an Australian Cattle dog from you in 2005 named Cassie. She has turned out to be the most wonderful companion. Thank you for all that you do for pets. I am thankful every day that you all rescued her and I was able to adopt her. She still looks the same only bigger! We moved to Rhode Island two years ago and she loves the cooler weather and has lots of fun in the snow. She goes to doggie day care during the day and wears all of the other dogs out "herding" them.

Thanks again!
Kathy Franklin



Good morning. I'm writing to give you feedback on Robin, a miniature poodle I adopted from you about 4 years ago. We got off to a rough start because he hated my old dog and was mean to him. After Andy died Robin was better but was still insecure (whining and shredding the door curtain when I went outside) and not as obedient as I would have liked even though we attended (twice) PetSmart's training.

Six weeks ago I started training him to be a therapy dog, convinced that he would never pass a temperance test. By the end of the second class, he was a different dog, and two weeks ago he passed his CGC test, and is now an official therapy dog. We will be visiting an aphasia center and a Sheltering Arms day program for people with dementia.

So I want to thank you for rescuing and fostering him and offering him to me. Y'all do a great service!

Jackie Friedman



Hi Safe House Staff,

Just wanted to send an update about Clancy. He is doing so well! He is loving having a sister, Willow. They play constantly. For being an 8 year old guy, he sure still has some spunk! He is able to keep up with her well. He knows how to balance on his back legs for treats, and makes us laugh every time he begs us for one! His favorite thing to do with us is snuggle, which I (Melinda) love. He is a sweet companion and has been an amazing addition to our family. I have attached some photos for you all to look at. Thank you so much for everything you do to protect and nurture animals who may not have the opportunity to have a family at the moment.

With Great Thanks,

Melinda and Jeremy Ferguson

Clancy Clancy Clancy



Things are going well. I have renamed Kathy to Prissy. Sassy's official name is Sassy Pants so she will be Prissy Pants :) They are going to best buds and I can't be happier how well they are getting along. She has settled in and making herself right at home. She taught herself how to go up the stairs by my bed the other morning and she is a pro at it. She is still too little to come down by herself so she cries when she is ready which is good. House training will probably be a challenge, but that's a given with puppies. I have attached some pictures of them so you can see what a great fit this is already :)

Thank you,
Jill Helms

Prissy Prissy

Prissy Prissy


Katie (who is now Macy) is great! She has taken over our house, is truly a member of this family, and is a happy girl. And we are a happy family with her in it. I've attached the completed form for your files. I also attached a couple of pictures, too. My favorite of these is "macy 001" (in the middle) which gives you a feel for my new view of the world -- through the two radar ears of this little dog who is always in my lap!

Thanks for introducing us to Macy!

Kristin Bays